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Our Story - Kaycee & Ray

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A Note from our Executive Chef

     Using over 35 years of experience, I have put together a menu as diverse as our community.  With gourmet, hand packed burgers, outside of the box sandwiches and upscale dinners, the menu is designed with passion and love and with the knowledge that we must make sure we are bringing you the very best we have to offer.  We are using local supplies anywhere on the menu that we can.  We hope you love it as much as we do.  And in the words of my grandfather, “Slainte!”


Executive Chef Mark Van Mater

In the Kitchen

At Kaycee Ray's, we take pride in every single dish that leaves our kitchen. Not one grain of salt, leaf of parsley, or jalapeño is placed without the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Our menu is designed to give patrons more than just a meal, but rather, a full on, heavenly taste bud experience. Our Executive Chef has handpicked each item on the menu to ensure that not a single ingredient is out of place. 


With careful attention to detail, we have crafted an American-style menu with unique and upscale twists on traditional and pub classics that strictly satisfies and will leave you drooling until your next trip back to Kaycee Ray's.

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Executive Chef Mark Van Mater
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